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Our engineers are part of the localization team and are assigned to in-house projects based on skill sets and project requirements. They carry out all non-linguistic tasks - from writing test plans, building, testing, fixing and re-engineering of translated software, to building gold masters for delivery to our clients. Our engineering team also provides on-site engineering and QA services allowing our clients to add the necessary, experienced headcount whenever needed.

Following are Vision360 engineering services

Software Localization Engineering Services

Software localization engineering is a critical complement to the software localization and software testing cycles. It covers all the steps crucial for successful localization and testing, including software analysis, build engineering and mastering, bug fixing, scripting and overall localization process automation.

In our experience, localization engineering plays a major role in determining the success of software localization or testing projects. It is the smaller part when compared with the larger human efforts often required for localization or testing, but one that has a direct impact on the efficiency of the process, and the quality of the final product.

Insufficient attention to localization engineering may lead to unnecessary or duplicate activities in the process, delays, increased costs, or products with defects that could have been easily avoided.

Vision360 provides following software localization engineering services:

Software Analysis
  • Product analysis and localizability assessment reporting
  • List of files to be localized; highlight of files that cannot be localized with standard tools, methods; highlight of non-standard file formats
  • Initial project scope (word count) analysis
  • Localization process estimates
Localization Process Development
  • Detailed localization process design based on Software Analysis and client input
  • Preparation of localization project schedule, localization kit and instructions for translators
  • Creation of parsers, processes for specific file types
  • Development of building/mastering process and pseudo-translation build
  • Creation of localized versions of product using fully- or semi-automatic process
  • Post-processing of translated files before building/mastering
  • Build validation through automated smoke test
Bug Fixing
  • Investigation of all reported bugs from testing stages
  • Repair of all defects introduced during localization process; reporting of any newly-found defects
  • Repair of all truncated, overlapped or misaligned strings; duplicated or non-working hotkeys; mis-translated, un-translated or over-translated strings; etc.
  • Report of any broken functionality, hard-coded strings, etc.
Process Automation
  • Optimization of localization processes through batch processing, automation of engineering tasks.
  • Use of programming languages and scripts to optimize processes, primarily Perl, Python, VBA, VBScript, JavaScript, and Windows Script Host.
  • Automation of process steps such as mastering, smoke testing, downloading, leveraging.

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