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Software companies in their growth period don’t typically think about going global. However, efforts need to be made to make software world ready. Internationalization (also known as “i18n”) is important before your software is translated even if you are entering another English-speaking country. All strings are externalized, some of the basic factors like date and time formats are not hard coded, and proper Unicode encoding is used across the stack. Once your software has been assessed we will develop a recommendation for internationalization. 

Vision360 can even fix internationalization bugs in parallel to your iterations while allowing your code base to continue evolving and developing. Changes can be merged back into your original code base fairly easily so that you do not end up with two code bases.

Software Localization & Translation

Once your software is ready to be localized or if it is already internationalized, then you need to start planning for translating the user interface (UI) into different languages based on your project requirement. Vision360 knows the software industry from the client side and can help you plan for simultaneous releases and act as an Agile Localization and integrating back into your iteration cycles.

Localization Testing

Vision360 will help you localize your software into more than 50 languages. Once the translations are completed it is important to ensure that the layout is not compromised. Text expansion and contraction, corrupted foreign characters, date formatting, number formatting and actual translation all can be aspects that modify the user interface (UI) layout in a target language. In addition, it is important to confirm that your software works in the localized language both from a functional and linguistic stand point of view. Vision360 can help you perform localization testing for both of these aspects of software localization to meet new clients globally.

Vision360 is Here to Help

Vision360 has 20+ years’ of experience in Globalization and Internationalization services, helping enterprises and start-ups. Our localization (L10n) and internationalization (i18n) specialists are happy to discuss your requirements or answer all your questions.



Software Internationalization

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Internationalization Benefits

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Internationalization Assessment

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Internationalization Process

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Internationalization Engineering and Consulting

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We provide outsourced Globalization, Localization, Testing, Offshore Development, Content Production, Digital Publishing, eBook Publishing, Editorial Services, eLearning and Technology Services to leading companies in Media and Publishing, Information Services, Professional Services, Manufacturing, Technology, Engineering, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Law.


We believe in our abilities to deliver quality of services focusing on innovation for local. We believe in the simple not the complex. We believe in our abilities to build good products and deliver quality services. Deep collaboration and cross-pollination with our partners and customers, allow us to innovate in a way that others cannot. As all great enterprises start we have embarked on our journey and Vision360 will do extremely well.
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