Internationalization Benefits

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Internationalization benefits include improved software quality, reduced development time and cost, code reuse, reduced localization and maintenance costs, and increased customer satisfaction. Vision360 is here to help you get your software product global-ready.

Global-Ready Software

Gone are the days when companies would launch their software only for local markets. Let Vision360 help you assess and address key aspects of your software that could inhibit localization and international use or acceptance. Date, time and number and currency formatting are just a few of the considerations Vision360 will highlight in your code.

Develop Your Software Only Once

Avoid re-engineering, product delays and extra development costs by understanding and tackling the key i18n requirements needed for readying your software for international use and localization from the kick-off.

Technical Debt

Vision360 works with you to reduce your i18n technical debt. Our assessment and management tools help you audit and monitor constantly i18n aspects of your code before it is submitted and committed, so that i18n becomes an integrated and scalable part of your standard development practices.

Faster Global Expansion

Lack of internationalization results in lengthy iterations and severe delays. Minimal or no i18n efforts during development generally require constant developer work-around and significant amounts of bug fixing and in-context QA after localization starts. But there is a better way: address key i18n areas at the planning phase or as soon as you are ready to expand internationally, and you will reduce dramatically the time required to release a global product.

Vision360’s toolset includes other means to streamline the localization effort, such as the integration of resource management tools into your software development process to automatically label and export content strings to be localized. Our goal is to have your software support a wide range of languages and culture-specific formats to reach a wider customer base in the shortest amount of time.

Repeatable and Scalable

Planning your software development process with i18n considerations in mind will allow for faster time-to-market launches as well as repeatable and scalable product cycles. Once your code has been internationalized, Vision360’s experts can help document i18n processes, train your teams and keep development moving forward with i18n in mind as you push your products – current and future – to launch on a global scale.

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